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We started raising dairy goats in March of 1990 when we purchased two grade Nubians from a friend of ours. They were our learning tool for what was to come in the years ahead.

In a couple of years, two does turned into fifty head of goats that cleared pastures, provided enjoyment, and provided a source of meat for the local markets.

While driving through Indianapolis one afternoon, we saw a sign advertising the Hoosier Classic Show, which was taking place at that time. We took a detour and visited what was to be the start of a whole new adventure in our family life.

Within a  month or so, we had purchased a trio of purebred registered Nubians from Bob and Judy Strahl of Columbus, IN.

At this point, we started to move our herd to a fully registered herd of Nubians and within a year, we were machine milking, hand-raising kids, and attending dairy goat shows.

Over the years, we have continued to raise Nubians, but along the way, we have added other breeds to our herd. We raised Toggenburgs for four or five years. This was an interest of my middle daughter, Ericka. They were sold off due to the fact that she would show Nubians and it would be me showing the Toggs. Boer meat goats came later with 4-H and FFA for my oldest daughter Kelcie. They are now gone due to college. My youngest daughter, Claire, has caused the LaManchas to appear on our farm. They are currently sharing the barn and having a longer stay than the other breeds.

Our Toggs were purchased from Ron and Linda Summerlot. They were mainly from Sum-Lot and Krystal Kreek herds. We had quality Toggs that showed well and were very productive.

Our LaManchas started when Jean Miller, Noon Shine, gave Claire a first freshening two year old by the name of TooToo. Jean has also provided Claire with other does and quality bucks. Jill Pritchett of J-Haven has played a huge role in improving and increasing our herd of LaManchas. She has provided Claire with several quality does and bucks over the past couple of years.

The Nubians have been a mixture of several herds. You will find Strahl's, Sunshine, Wana Acres, Willow Run, Noon Shine, Hill's Acres, Wind Wild, Jesta Farm and Saada in the pedigrees. We are mainly working with Saada genetics currently. We are very pleased with the direction we are going with our Nubians.


We hope you enjoy visiting our website and welcome any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us if you see something you are interested in or would like further information. We are always happy to discuss our goats. Thanks so much for stopping by.


A view of the mature does in our doe barn and Max, our Anatolian Shepherd.

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